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Starting a new club at school—how does it look on applications?

Hey y'all! I have an idea for a club I want to start at my school next year. I've noticed that there's a lack of clubs focused on community service. I was just curious: would this look good on college applications? Would starting and leading a club like this be seen as valuable to admissions officers?

6 months ago

Starting and leading a club focused on community service could definitely be a valuable addition to your college applications. It highlights your initiative, leadership skills, and commitment to giving back to your community. However, it's important to remember what truly matters is not just the act of starting the club, but the impact it has and your level of dedication to it.

For example, if you can demonstrate that your club has had a tangible effect on your local community through service projects, fundraising activities, and increasing awareness, it would be seen more favorably by admissions officers. In addition, showing your long-term commitment to the club and its goals could elevate this extracurricular activity to a higher tier.

To maximize the potential impact, consider partnering with local organizations or charities, establishing a club website or social media presence, and involving other passionate students. Ultimately, it is the depth of your involvement, the passion you bring, and the difference your club makes in the community that will make it stand out on your college applications.

6 months ago

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