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Should I write the Harvard optional essay?

I'm filling out my Harvard app and wondering if I should do the optional essay. Has anyone seen good examples or had positive experiences with writing it? I don't want to write it if it won't help my chances.

6 months ago

It's generally a good idea to write the optional essay, especially for a competitive school like Harvard. Although it's optional, completing the essay can demonstrate your interest in the school and provide additional information for the admissions committee to consider. However, you should only write it if you believe you can contribute a strong and well-written piece.

In terms of good examples, your essay should focus on a topic that isn't already covered in the rest of your application. It could provide deeper insight into your personality, values, or experiences. Keep it interesting and engaging, giving the readers a fresh perspective on who you are beyond your academic achievements and extracurricular activities.

Some students have had positive experiences with writing an optional essay that showcases their unique perspectives or skills. For example, a student might discuss a personal passion or project that sets them apart from other applicants, giving the admissions committee another reason to consider admitting them.

In conclusion, if you believe you can write a strong optional essay that provides additional insights into your personality and achievements, go for it. Just ensure that it's engaging and well written, as a poorly executed essay could do more harm than good. Good luck with your application!

6 months ago

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