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Coolest college courses you've heard of?

As I research colleges, I've come across some interesting courses they offer. What are some of the coolest or most unique college courses you've heard of? I'm genuinely super curious to know!

6 months ago

It's fascinating to learn about the variety of courses offered at different colleges. Here are some unique and intriguing courses that I've come across:

1. The Science of Harry Potter (Frostburg State University) — This course explores the scientific principles behind the magical world, examining concepts like genetics, magnetism, and physics through the lens of Harry Potter.

2. The Art of Walking (Centre College) — This course dives into the history, culture, and health aspects of walking. Students read literary works, conduct physiological experiments, and participate in walks to understand the impact of walking on the human experience.

3. Zombies in Popular Media (Columbia College Chicago) — This course investigates the portrayal of zombies in film, literature, and television. Students analyze the cultural significance of zombies, their symbolism, and the role they play in reflecting societal fears.

4. Surviving the Coming Zombie Apocalypse: Disasters, Catastrophes, and Human Behavior (Michigan State University) — This course uses the zombie apocalypse as a metaphor for understanding human behavior and preparedness in real-world disaster situations.

5. Wasting Time on the Internet (University of Pennsylvania) — Through unconventional means like social media, students explore digital culture, creativity, and the impact of wasting time online to delve into deeper philosophical issues and critical thinking.

6. How to Win a Beauty Pageant (Oberlin College) — This course explores the history and cultural significance of beauty pageants in America. It delves into gender roles, race, politics, and even pageant scandals, as well as the impact of these events on society.

7. The Beatles, Popular Music, and Society (Harvard University) — Students analyze and dissect the music of The Beatles, examining their historical context, the cultural and social transitions of the time, and the band's influence on contemporary music.

8. The Sociology of Miley Cyrus (Skidmore College) — Using Miley Cyrus as a case study, this course unpacks the themes of race, gender, media, and the music industry to understand the intersections between celebrity culture and broader societal issues.

These are just a few examples of the fascinating courses available at various colleges. They showcase the diversity of subject matter and the unique ways in which professors can approach teaching and learning. Remember to explore the course catalogs of the colleges you are considering, as you never know what exciting classes you may find!

6 months ago

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