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CLT College Acceptance: Which Colleges Use CLT Scores?

I recently discovered the CLT exam and it seems like an interesting alternative to the SAT/ACT. What colleges accept CLT scores? Is it worthwhile to take? I'd appreciate any advice or experiences!

6 months ago

You're right that the Classic Learning Test (CLT) is an alternative college entrance exam to the SAT and ACT. However, it's essential to note that the CLT is not as widely accepted as the other two standardized tests. Typically, the CLT is accepted by smaller, private, and liberal arts colleges, as well as some religious institutions.

To determine whether taking the CLT is worthwhile for you, start by researching the admissions requirements for the colleges you are interested in attending. You can usually find this information on each college's admissions webpage. Keep an eye out for CLT acceptance or the mention of "alternative standardized tests" in their requirements.

If the colleges you're aiming for do accept the CLT, and you believe you can perform well on it, then it may be worth taking. However, given that the CLT is less widely accepted than the SAT or ACT, it's a good idea to prepare and take one of those tests as well, to ensure you have all your bases covered during the admissions process.

6 months ago

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