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What are the hardest math questions you've ever had to answer?

Yo, I'm curious - what are some of the toughest math questions you've faced, either in class or on tests like the SAT? I'm trying to up my math game and want to expose myself to some really challenging problems. Any suggestions or resources are welcome, thanks!

6 months ago

Hey there! It's great that you're looking to challenge yourself with tougher math problems. The difficulty of a math problem can vary depending on your current skill level and knowledge, but here are a few types of problems that are generally considered challenging:

1. Word problems: These require you to parse a detailed written description and translate it into a mathematical representation. They can be tricky because they test your ability to understand context and application as well as basic problem-solving skills.

2. Geometry proofs: Advanced geometric proofs can be tough since they require clear logical thinking and a deep understanding of the principles involved.

3. Calculus: As you start exploring calculus, you may encounter problems related to derivatives, integrals, differential equations, and limits that will challenge your analytical and problem-solving abilities.

4. Combinatorics: Problems involving permutations, combinations, and the principles of counting can be quite intricate and difficult to solve.

5. Number theory: Questions relating to prime numbers, divisibility, and modular arithmetic tend to be rather challenging, especially if they involve proofs.

For resources, you can refer to:

- Art of Problem Solving (AOPS): This website has math problems, forums, and materials for various levels, including challenging contests like the AMC, AIME, and USAMO.

- Brilliant.org: This platform has both simple and complex problems, aiming to improve problem-solving skills and logical thinking.

- CollegeVine: If you're specifically looking to practice SAT-level math problems, CollegeVine provides a suite of free resources, including practice problems and guidance on improving test-taking skills.

Remember that as you attempt challenging problems, it's essential to stay patient, persistent, and maintain a growth mindset. Good luck with your math journey!

6 months ago

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