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Harvard application timeline?

Hey everyone, I'm planning to apply to Harvard, but I'm a lil' bit confused about the application timeline. When do the Common App and the supplement become available? Additionally, when are the deadlines for Early Action and Regular Decision? Any pointers would be super helpful!

6 months ago

Hey there! Applying to Harvard is an exciting opportunity, and I'm here to help clear up the confusion surrounding the application timeline.

First, the Common App usually becomes available on August 1st each year, including Harvard's supplement questions within the application. You can access the Common App at www.commonapp.org.

Regarding deadlines, Harvard offers both Early Action (EA) and Regular Decision (RD) application options. The Early Action deadline is November 1st, and you can expect to receive your admissions decision around mid-December. Regular Decision deadline is January 1st, with decisions typically released in late March. Keep in mind that if you choose to apply Early Action and are deferred, your application will be reconsidered during the Regular Decision cycle.

In addition to these deadlines, make sure to check the deadlines for other components of your application as well, such as requesting transcripts and teacher recommendations, as these might vary depending on your high school. It's always a good idea to start the application process early and give yourself ample time to gather everything you need and polish your essays.

I hope this helps with your application planning! Best of luck in the admissions process!

6 months ago

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