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Favorite high school subjects that you found useful?

Hey everyone, I'm a rising junior and I want to know what your favorite high school subjects were. Which classes did you find the most rewarding and beneficial for college and beyond? I'd appreciate any advice!

6 months ago

Hello! That's a great question. It's important to note that everybody has different interests and strengths, so a subjects one person finds useful might not be the same for another person. However, here are a few subjects that many people have found helpful:

1. English/Literature: Developing strong reading comprehension and writing skills is crucial, regardless of your career path. These courses often encourage critical thinking and the ability to communicate effectively.

2. Math: Higher-level math courses, such as calculus or statistics, can be useful for a wide range of fields, including science, engineering, and business.

3. Science: Courses like biology, chemistry, and physics provide a solid foundation for understanding the natural world. They can also be useful for students interested in pursuing a career in healthcare, research, or engineering.

4. Foreign Language: Learning a second language can open up new opportunities for travel and cultural exchange and can be advantageous when looking for jobs in a global market.

5. Social Studies/History: Understanding the complexities of human society, historical context, and how we interact with one another can lead to a more empathetic and informed perspective. Classes like government or economics also help develop an understanding of the current world and how it functions.

6. Computer Science: With technology being a significant part of our lives, having some basic programming knowledge can be beneficial for almost any field.

Ultimately, it's essential to explore various subjects to determine which ones align best with your interests and future goals. Try taking a diverse set of courses throughout high school to see what sparks your interest. Good luck!

6 months ago

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