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How to end a college essay effectively?

Hey, peeps! I'm working on my college essay and I'm really stuck on how to end it. Can anyone share examples of impactful endings or give some advice on how to finish strong? I want to leave a lasting impression on the reader.

6 months ago

Hello! Ending a college essay effectively can indeed leave a lasting impression on the reader. You can try different techniques based on the content and tone of your essay. Here are four strategies to consider:

1. Reflective statement: This involves bringing your essay full circle by connecting the ending to the beginning. This can create a sense of completion for your reader and emphasize the personal growth or lessons learned during your story.

Example: "I started my journey with doubts and apprehension, yet through persistence and commitment, I discovered newfound confidence and a love for my chosen path."

2. Powerful imagery: A vivid image or description can leave a strong impact on the reader, particularly if it captures the theme or essence of your essay.

Example: "As I stood on the mountaintop and looked out at the vast horizon, I realized how small my fears were in comparison to the endless opportunities waiting for me."

3. Thought-provoking question: Ending with a question can encourage the reader to think deeply about the issues you raised in your essay, ensuring that your story stays with them.

Example: "In a world that constantly evolves and presents new challenges, how do we continue to adapt and reinvent ourselves while staying true to who we are?"

Remember, the ending should feel authentic to you and your story, so go with the technique that best suits your essay's tone and content. Good luck with your college essay!

6 months ago

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