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Is it true that 7th-grade grades matter?

Hey everyone, my little sister is in 7th grade and she's been super stressed about her grades lately. She heard that 7th-grade grades could somehow affect her future college admissions chances. Is that true or just a myth? I just want to help her out. Thanks!

6 months ago

Hello! It's nice to see that you want to help your sister with her concerns. Generally, 7th-grade grades don't directly impact college admissions, as colleges typically focus on high school grades (grades 9-12) when evaluating applicants' academic performance.

However, doing well in 7th grade can help build a strong foundation in academics and good studying habits which are essential for success in high school. Excelling academically in middle school can also increase her chances of getting placed in advanced or honors courses once she reaches high school. These higher-level courses can help demonstrate her abilities and commitment to academic rigor when it's time to apply to college.

So, while her 7th-grade performance won't be directly considered in college admissions, it's still essential for her to develop good habits and maintain a strong academic foundation for her future success. Encourage her to do her best and remind her that grades are just one of many factors that will contribute to a successful college application.

6 months ago

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