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Duke Teacher Recommendations - How Many?

Hey y'all, I'm applying to Duke next year, and I'm trying to figure out their teacher recommendation requirements. How many rec letters should I request from my teachers? Are there any particular subject teachers I should prioritize for recommendations?

6 months ago

Hello! When applying to Duke University, you are required to submit at least two teacher recommendations. These recommendations should come from teachers who have taught you in core academic subjects (English, social studies, mathematics, science, or a foreign language) and are familiar with your work in that subject. Ideally, you should ask teachers from your junior or senior year of high school, as they can provide the most recent insight into your academic abilities and personal growth.

In terms of prioritizing which subject teachers to request recommendations from, consider the following factors:

1. Relevance of the subject to your intended major or area of study. For instance, if you're interested in pursuing engineering, a strong recommendation from a math or physics teacher may offer more weight.

2. The depth of your relationship with the teacher. Approach teachers who know you well, as they'll be more likely to write compelling, personalized letters on your behalf.

3. Teachers who can vouch for your unique talents, skills, and abilities. Choose teachers who have witnessed your perseverance, creativity or problem-solving skills in action, as they can provide concrete anecdotes to support their endorsements.

In addition to the two required academic recommendations, Duke also allows applicants to submit an optional supplemental recommendation. This recommendation can come from a non-academic context, such as a mentor, coach, employer, or a supervisor from a volunteer opportunity. However, keep in mind that a strong optional recommendation can be a nice bonus, but rarely makes or breaks an application — focus primarily on securing two strong teacher recommendations first.

Good luck with your application to Duke!

6 months ago

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