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Interviews at Yale - how common are they?

Hi all! I'll be applying to Yale, and I'm curious about their interview process. Does Yale offer interviews to most applicants, or is it less common? If you've gone through the process, can you share your experience? Thank you!

6 months ago

Hi there! Yale does offer interviews to applicants, but not every applicant will receive one. The availability of interviews can be dependent on various factors, such as the number of alumni volunteers in your area and the number of applicants from your region. Yale assigns interviews after you submit your application, and receiving an interview request is neither a positive nor negative indicator of your overall application status. To put it simply: if you don't get an interview, it won't negatively impact your application.

If you do get an interview, expect it to be conversational in nature. Your interviewer would likely be a Yale alumnus who lives relatively close to you. The purpose of the interview is to learn more about you as a person—your interests, experiences, and goals—and for the interviewer to share their Yale experiences with you. Remember to be yourself and use this opportunity to express your thoughts and ask questions about the Yale community.

It is crucial to be prepared for your interview in advance. Practice your communication skills, research Yale-specific opportunities that align with your passions, and have some thoughtful questions ready to ask. Make sure to dress appropriately, be punctual, and send a thank-you note to the interviewer afterward. Good luck on your Yale application!

6 months ago

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