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Is it okay to submit college applications before recommendations?

Hey, I've finished up my college applications and I'm ready to submit, but my teachers haven't sent in their recommendations yet. Can I go ahead and submit my applications, or do I need to wait for the rec letters to be in first?

6 months ago

Yes, it's generally okay to submit your college applications before your teachers have submitted their recommendation letters. Most colleges have separate deadlines for these components of the application, as they understand that teachers might submit letters a little later due to their busy schedules.

When you submit your application, the colleges will start creating a file for you. As your recommendation letters come in, they'll be added to your file. Just make sure your teachers are aware of the recommendation letter deadlines so they can submit their letters on time. It's a good idea to send a friendly reminder to your teachers as the deadline approaches.

Remember to check each college's specific admissions requirements and deadlines, as they may vary. Good luck with your applications!

6 months ago

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