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Gaming as a hobby

What's up, guys? I'm currently trying to build my college app resume, and I have a question: Does gaming count as a legitimate hobby to include in my application? I just want to emphasize my passion for gaming as a positive aspect of my personality.

4 months ago

Hey there! It's awesome that you're enthusiastic about your hobby. Gaming can indeed be included as an extracurricular activity on your college applications, but it's essential to present it in an impactful way. Focus on any accomplishments or ways you've used your passion for gaming to make a positive impact.

For instance, have you:

1. Competed in or won any gaming tournaments?

2. Started a gaming club at your school or in your community?

3. Raised money for charity through streaming or gaming events?

4. Created or contributed to a gaming blog, podcast, or YouTube channel?

5. Volunteered or sponsored gaming events for underprivileged youths?

Demonstrating growth, leadership, or community involvement in your gaming hobby will make your application more compelling to the admission officers. Showcasing achievements beyond merely enjoying video games will present it as a valuable extracurricular activity.

Remember that admission officers appreciate unique personal interests, so don't shy away from presenting your passion for gaming. However, be sure to balance it with other extracurriculars of varying focus and impact, which can demonstrate versatility and well-roundedness. Good luck with your college applications!

4 months ago

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