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Johns Hopkins SAT Superscoring

I'm planning on applying to Johns Hopkins University and was wondering if anyone knows if they superscore the SAT? This could help me decide which test scores to send. Thanks!

4 months ago

Yes, Johns Hopkins University does practice SAT superscoring. This means they will consider the highest individual section scores across all the SAT test dates you submit. For example, if you took the SAT twice and received a higher Math score on the first test and a higher Evidence-Based Reading and Writing score on the second test, they would combine the two highest scores for their evaluation of your application.

It is generally beneficial for applicants to send in all of their SAT scores, as it allows the University to see the best representation of your testing abilities. However, if you're only looking to send select scores, prioritize the dates with your highest section scores to take full advantage of the superscoring policy. Best of luck with your application to Johns Hopkins!

4 months ago

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