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What to include in Boston University's additional information section?

Hey everyone, I'm working on my BU application and I came across the 'Additional Information' section. I was wondering, what kind of stuff should I include here? Are there any dos and don'ts?

4 months ago

In the Additional Information section of your Boston University application, it's important to remember that this space is meant for you to clarify or expand upon any important aspects of your application that may not be evident elsewhere. However, it's not a space to include trivial information or repeat what you've already shared. Here are some dos and don'ts to guide you:


1. Explain any gaps or inconsistencies in your academic history, such as a semester when your grades were lower than usual due to a personal or family circumstance.

2. Provide context for an unusual course load, like taking classes at a local college, completing an independent study, or if your school doesn't offer AP/IB courses.

3. Share any extracurricular achievements or involvements that don't fit into the allotted spaces in the Common App.

4. Mention any work experiences, internships, or research projects that showcase your skills and interests but weren't mentioned in your activities list.

5. Elaborate on any unique family situations, health issues, or personal challenges that have shaped your character and impacted your educational journey.


1. Repeat information that's already covered in your application or essays. The Additional Information section is meant to provide new insights, not reiterate what's already been shared.

2. Fill the section with unnecessary details or a long list of minor accomplishments. Focus on what's truly important and relevant to your application.

3. Use the Additional Information section as another essay. Keep your writing concise and straightforward—this isn't the place to showcase your storytelling or creative writing skills.

4. Include every single extracurricular activity or club you've ever joined. Stick to the most significant, and remember that quality generally outweighs quantity.

The key is to use this section effectively to share information that adds value to your application and helps admissions officers better understand your background and experiences. Good luck on your BU application!

4 months ago

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