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Help with 'favorite word' essay topic?

Hi everyone, one of the essay prompts for a college I'm applying to asks for an essay about our favorite word. I'm a bit stuck on ideas. Would you guys mind sharing your thoughts on how I can approach this prompt or any interesting favorite words you have? Thanks!

6 months ago

Hi there! Approaching a "favorite word" essay can be a fun and creative process. To get started, think of words that resonate with you due to their meaning, sound, or emotional connection. Once you have a word in mind, consider the following steps in crafting your essay:

1. Introduction: Hook the reader by sharing your chosen word and provide a brief overview of why it's significant to you. This can be personal, academic, or based on a powerful memory.

2. Background: Explain the meaning and origin of your chosen word. Adding context will provide the reader with a deeper understanding of its significance.

3. Personal Connection: Share a story, anecdote, or personal experience that demonstrates your connection to the word. This can be a moment of realization, a challenge you've faced, or even a humorous situation that highlights the word's importance to you.

4. Broader Implications: Discuss the general significance of your word beyond your personal experience. It could be related to the human experience, a societal issue, or a global phenomenon.

5. Conclusion: Sum up your thoughts on your chosen word and what it has taught you about yourself, others, and the world around you.

For example, let's say your favorite word is "serendipity." In your essay, you could explore the meaning and history of this word, and share a personal anecdote showcasing a serendipitous event that had a significant impact on your life. You can also discuss how serendipity can bring unexpected opportunities and challenges, shaping your perspective on taking chances and embracing change.

Remember to have fun with the prompt and let your unique perspective shine through. Best of luck with your essay!

6 months ago

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