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Experience with Colby dorms?

I might be attending Colby College next year, and I'm curious about the dorm situation there. Anyone who's been to Colby or knows about their housing options, can you share some insight on the quality of the dorms, the different living options, and what to expect?

6 months ago

As someone familiar with Colby College, I can give you a general overview of the dorm situation and what to expect. Colby offers a variety of housing options, including traditional residence halls, suites, and apartments. First-year students are generally placed in traditional residence halls, which include Anthony-Mitchell-Schupf (AMS), East, West, and South dorms. These halls have a mix of singles, doubles, triples, and quads, and each floor has a common room and shared bathrooms.

Upperclassmen can choose from various living options, such as suites in Alfond Commons and Heights, and apartments in the Senior Village and the Bill & Joan Alfond Main Street Commons downtown. These options typically offer more space and amenities, including kitchens and living rooms.

In terms of quality, Colby is known for continuously investing in its facilities, and the dorms are generally well-maintained and up-to-date. Many students find Colby's dorms to be comfortable and conducive to fostering a strong sense of community. The college regularly surveys students to obtain feedback on housing and works to make improvements based on that input. Keep in mind that the dorm experience may vary depending on factors like the specific building you're placed in or the preferences of your roommate(s).

As for living options, Colby also offers several themed and affinity housing opportunities. Some examples include the Multicultural House (MULE), the Outdoor and Environmental House (OEH), and the Language Houses, where students can immerse themselves in a specific language and culture. These options can provide additional support and engagement for those interested in a particular topic or community.

In terms of what to expect, many students find that Colby's dorms provide a strong foundation for making friends and getting involved on campus. There are plenty of opportunities to engage with other students through events and programming offered by the Residential Life staff and other campus organizations. Overall, you can expect a supportive and engaging living environment at Colby.

6 months ago

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