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Importance of percentage in GPA calculation?

Curious about how much percentage matters when it comes to GPA. I mean, do colleges only focus on GPA numbers, or do they also check the percentage behind that GPA? Any help would be appreciated!

6 months ago

Colleges primarily focus on the GPA when evaluating applicants, but the context of the GPA, including the percentage associated with it, can also be relevant. The GPA is often used as an initial metric to evaluate a student's academic performance. However, colleges understand that grading scales can vary significantly between high schools, and they consider that when evaluating an applicant.

Admissions officers often review the applicant's transcript to get a more in-depth understanding of their academic performance. They'll look at individual course grades along with the grading system of the high school (which can provide information on percentages). This ensures they have a more comprehensive view of a student's achievements rather than relying solely on the GPA.

For instance, if your high school uses a percentage grading scale, a 90% might translate to an A- in one school and a B+ in another. By considering both the percentage and the GPA, admissions officers can account for any disparities in grading systems and better assess a student's performance compared to their peers.

6 months ago

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