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Which AP test has the highest fail rate?

I'm currently planning my course schedule for next year and I'm thinking about taking a few AP classes. I've heard some tests have higher fail rates than others, so I was wondering which AP test has the highest fail rate? Just trying to avoid the toughest ones haha!

6 months ago

It's smart to consider the difficulty of AP tests when planning your course schedule! According to the College Board's data, the AP exam with the highest fail rate in recent years is the AP Physics 1 exam, with around 60% of test-takers scoring below a 3 which is generally considered the minimum passing score.

However, I'd like to emphasize that you shouldn't solely rely on pass/fail rates when selecting AP courses. It's important to choose classes based on your interests, strengths, and future goals. For example, if you're passionate about physics and considering a STEM major in college, taking AP Physics 1 might still be a good choice despite its high fail rate, as the course will allow you to gain valuable knowledge and skills in the subject.

Additionally, the difficulty of an AP course varies depending on the resources and support available at your school like experienced teachers or study groups with peers. So, it's essential to talk to students who have taken the AP classes you're considering at your school to evaluate the difficulty and understand the expectations better.

Good luck with your course selection!

6 months ago

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