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Necessity of foreign language in high school?

Hey everyone, is taking a foreign language in high school required or strongly recommended for college admissions? I'm wondering if it's cool to skip it since I'm really not enjoying it.

6 months ago

Hello! Taking a foreign language in high school is generally advisable, because many colleges do have foreign language requirements for admission. Most colleges prefer applicants who have taken at least two years of the same foreign language during high school, and highly selective schools prefer students with three or even four years. Achieving a baseline level of ability in a foreign language shows an ability to think creatively and an openness to other cultures, both off which are traits that colleges value.

That said, the importance of foreign language requirements varies based on the college and the program you're applying for. For instance, while more competitive universities and liberal arts colleges may put greater weight on foreign language study, at less selective schools it might just be a nice bonus rather than a requirement.

While it's totally normal to have courses you like less than others, skipping foreign language classes in high school could limit your options later on when applying to colleges. Instead of dropping the class altogether, try exploring different languages or approaches to learning that might make the experience more enjoyable for you. Finding new ways to engage with the material, like by listening to music in that language or participating in language clubs and events, could help improve your overall experience.

Ultimately, you should weigh the pros and cons of continuing with a foreign language in high school based on your personal interests, academic goals, and the admission criteria of your target colleges. You could also talk to your language teacher about ways to make the class more enjoyable for you. Best of luck with your academic pursuits and college journey!

6 months ago

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