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Hardy Hall at William & Mary

Hey everyone! I've been looking into dorms at William & Mary, and I came across Hardy Hall. Can anyone share their experiences living in Hardy Hall? What's the vibe like, and how are the facilities? Thanks in advance!

6 months ago

Hey! It's wonderful that you're exploring dorm options at William & Mary. Here's what students typically say about Hardy Hall:

1. Vibe: Hardy Hall is known for being a tight-knit and social community. The residence hall houses mainly first-year students, so it's a great opportunity to make friends in your class year.

2. Facilities: Hardy Hall consists of suite-style living with 4 or 6 people sharing a common area and a bathroom. There's a mix of doubles and singles in each suite, so room assignment will determine the specifics of your living arrangement. Residents appreciate the air conditioning in rooms, as not all dorms at William & Mary have AC.

3. Location: Hardy Hall is conveniently located next to the Sadler Center, which houses one of the main dining facilities on campus, making it easy to grab meals and snacks. Additionally, it's near Zable Stadium, so you can catch football games and other events without having to go far.

4. Common Areas: There's a lounge with a small kitchenette that can be used for meetings or hanging out with friends. The study area on the first floor is also a good spot to focus on work.

5. Rooms: The rooms are relatively spacious compared to other first-year dorms and come with standard university furniture.

Keep in mind, individual experiences may vary, but overall, Hardy Hall appears to offer a supportive and engaging environment for first-year students. Good luck with finding the right college housing for you!

6 months ago

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