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Huntsman Program at UPenn: Acceptance Rate?

I'm really interested in the Huntsman Program at UPenn, but I can't find too much info on its acceptance rate. Does anyone know how competitive it is? Any advice on preparing my application would be awesome!

6 months ago

The Huntsman Program in International Studies & Business is a unique interdisciplinary program offered by the University of Pennsylvania. While the exact acceptance rate for the Huntsman Program is not publicly available, it is considered to be more competitive than general UPenn admissions due to its specialized nature and small cohort size. Each class typically has around 45 students.

To prepare a strong application, keep in mind the following points:

1. Focus on academics: The Huntsman Program attracts students with strong academic records in both the liberal arts and business. Strive for high grades in rigorous coursework, especially in relevant subjects like economics, languages, and business courses.

2. Highlight language proficiency: The program emphasizes proficiency in at least one target language. If you have a strong language background (e.g., bilingual or studied a language extensively), be sure to emphasize it in your application. Additionally, consider furthering your language skills through immersion programs, study abroad opportunities, or advanced classes.

3. Showcase international experiences and interests: The Huntsman Program values students with a global mindset and international experiences. If you have lived, traveled, or studied abroad, be sure to mention it in your application. Additionally, showcase any international interests, such as participating in Model United Nations, interning at a global company, or involvement in cultural exchange programs.

4. Develop a "spike": Having a highly-developed specialty in a specific area can make you stand out among other applicants. This could be a passion for entrepreneurship, social justice, or a particular region's politics, for example. Demonstrate your commitment and achievements in your chosen field through extracurricular activities, volunteering, internships, or research.

5. Write a compelling essay: The application for the Huntsman Program will likely include an additional essay prompt that requires you to connect your personal experiences and interests to the program's curriculum and goals. Focus on crafting a genuine and engaging response that highlights your passion for international studies and business.

6. Obtain strong recommendations: Choose teachers who can speak to your potential for success in a rigorous academic program, as well as any coaches, mentors, or supervisors who can discuss your language skills and international experiences.

By preparing a well-rounded application that highlights your academic and extracurricular achievements, language proficiency, international experiences, and passion for global issues, you will place yourself in a competitive position for the Huntsman Program at UPenn. Best of luck!

6 months ago

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