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Does Case Western have D1 athletics?

Hey! I'm considering applying to Case Western, and I was curious about the level of their athletic programs. Are they in Division 1 for college sports? I'd love to participate in college athletics if given the chance. Thanks for any info you can share!

6 months ago

Hey there! Case Western Reserve University athletics are not part of NCAA Division I; instead, they compete in NCAA Division III. Their teams participate in the University Athletic Association conference. Being in Division III generally means that the athletic programs emphasize participation and student development rather than winning and maximizing the level of competition. You can definitely still be part of a competitive team, but you'll also have a balance between sports and academics.

If you're interested in participating in athletics at Case Western, there are plenty of varsity sports to choose from, as well as club sports if you'd like a somewhat less formal, but still committed, involvement in athletics. Since Division III schools do not offer athletic scholarships, you could also consider walking on to a team, since coaches' focus will be on just your skills and dedication, rather than scholarship money.

Overall, Case Western is a great option if you want to continue and enjoy your athletic pursuits while having a strong academic environment, but it is not a D1 school. Good luck with your future academic and athletic pursuits!

6 months ago

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