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What is the Columbia University CDS?

I stumbled upon something called Columbia University CDS while browsing the web, but I couldn't find a clear explanation on it. Can someone explain what it is and how it's relevant to prospective students? Thanks!

6 months ago

The term "CDS" stands for Common Data Set, which is a standardized set of information that colleges and universities voluntarily provide to help students, parents, and educational organizations access comparable data on colleges' key aspects. The Columbia University Common Data Set (CDS) is a document containing detailed information about the school's demographics, admissions, financial aid, and more.

The CDS is designed to facilitate the comparison of data between various institutions, as the format and questions are consistent across schools. For prospective students, the CDS can provide valuable insights into a college's selectivity, acceptance rates, academic offerings, and more. Accessing this data can help you make informed decisions when developing your college list and application strategy.

For example, by looking at Columbia's CDS, you can find details about the number of applicants, acceptance rates, and admitted students' academic profiles, such as their test scores and class rank. This information might guide you in assessing your chances of admission or help you decide whether to apply Early Decision or Regular Decision.

To explore Columbia University's CDS, you can visit their Office of Planning and Institutional Research website or simply search "Columbia University Common Data Set" on Google. Note that the CDS is typically updated annually, so make sure to check the latest version for the most accurate information.

I hope this helps clear up your confusion!

6 months ago

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