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Submitting a resume with my Cornell application - yay or nay?

I've heard mixed opinions on submitting a resume with my Cornell University application. Is it really necessary and would it boost my chances of admission? Any feedback from those who've been through the process would be awesome!

6 months ago

Submitting a resume with your Cornell application is not a requirement, but it can provide additional context for your extracurricular activities and achievements. Whether or not to include a resume really depends on your circumstances and how effectively your Common Application already conveys the important details about your involvements.

If your Common Application has enough room to accurately describe your activities and accomplishments without leaving out valuable information, then adding a resume might not be necessary. However, if you feel your application doesn't fully represent your extracurriculars or if you have an extensive list of achievements that don't fit within the space provided on the Common Application, attaching a resume can be helpful for your application. It's essential, though, to ensure you don't duplicate information already included in your application and to keep the resume concise. You certainly don't want to overwhelm admissions officers with repetitive or unnecessary information.

As for boosting your chances of admission, it really depends on the strength of your resume and how effectively it complements the rest of your application. A well-constructed resume that highlights otherwise unmentioned accomplishments and experiences can help you stand out from other candidates. That being said, focus first on crafting a strong personal statement and supplement essays, as those typically carry more weight in the admissions process.

6 months ago

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