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Questbridge Eligibility: Does Low-Income Status Matters?

Hey guys! I've recently heard about Questbridge and its scholarships. I was just curious, do you have to be low-income to be eligible for their programs? Can someone give me more details about the requirements?

6 months ago

Hello! Yes, QuestBridge primarily focuses on providing opportunities for high-achieving, low-income students. Their programs, including the National College Match and College Prep Scholars Program, require applicants to meet specific financial eligibility criteria.

While there isn't a strict income cut-off, most of the students who are selected come from households earning less than $65,000 annually for a family of four. However, this figure can vary based on factors such as family size and cost of living in a particular region.

In addition to financial eligibility, QuestBridge considers other factors such as academic achievement, demonstrated leadership, and potential for success in college. High SAT/ACT scores, strong grades in challenging courses, as well as involvement in extracurricular activities are important aspects of a competitive applicant's profile.

For more information about the specific eligibility criteria and application requirements, I recommend visiting the QuestBridge website (https://www.questbridge.org/). There, you'll find detailed information about the National College Match, College Prep Scholars Program, and other opportunities available through QuestBridge.

Good luck!

6 months ago

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