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What does it mean to be educated, according to Georgetown?

OK, so I'm doing some research on Georgetown and I came across something interesting. What do they mean when they say 'what does it mean to be educated'? Can anyone clarify this or share their own thoughts or examples?

6 months ago

Georgetown University, being a prominent Jesuit institution, has its own unique perspective on what it means to be educated. At its core, Georgetown believes in fostering well-rounded individuals who are intellectually curious, morally responsible, and committed to the service of others. This approach to education is rooted in Jesuit values and emphasizes not just academic excellence, but also personal growth, ethical decision-making, and an orientation towards social justice.

When Georgetown speaks of being educated, they aim for their students to develop:

1. Intellectual curiosity: They encourage students to explore a wide range of subjects, engage in critical thinking and problem-solving, and develop a lifelong passion for learning.

2. Moral responsibility: Georgetown believes that true education encompasses the development of an ethical compass that guides students in making wise and responsible choices.

3. Service to others: A cornerstone of Jesuit education is the commitment to solidarity and service with those in need. Georgetown students are encouraged to apply their education to build a more just and equitable world through service-learning, extracurricular activities, and community engagement.

4. Global awareness: Georgetown values intercultural understanding and encourages students to develop a global perspective through study abroad, language learning, and exposure to diverse cultures.

5. Leadership: By nurturing students' leadership skills, Georgetown aims to prepare graduates to make a positive impact in their chosen fields and to effect change in their communities.

Essentially, Georgetown's idea of being educated goes beyond traditional academic achievements. It encompasses a more holistic view of personal development that prioritizes ethical behavior, social awareness, and the betterment of humanity. As you explore Georgetown further and consider how you may align with their vision of being educated, reflect on your own contributions to your community and how you have demonstrated the qualities that Georgetown values in its students.

6 months ago

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