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Does USC look at senior grades?

Hey there, I am just a bit stressed as I am applying to USC and was curious whether they look at senior year grades for admission decisions? Will they weigh them heavily in the process?

6 months ago

Yes, USC does look at senior year grades when making admission decisions. Senior year grades are important because they show the admissions committee how you perform academically in a more rigorous and challenging environment, as you're likely taking advanced courses at this stage in your high school career.

As for how heavily they weigh senior year grades, that can vary depending on each individual application. Keep in mind that USC, like many other universities, practices a holistic review process, which means they take into account various aspects of an applicant's profile. These aspects may include test scores, extracurricular activities, essays, and letters of recommendation, in addition to your grades.

While senior year grades are significant, they won't necessarily make or break your application if you have consistently strong academic performance throughout high school. However, a noticeable decline in grades during your senior year could raise concerns for the admissions committee. It's essential to maintain strong performance in your final year to demonstrate your commitment, focus, and readiness for college-level work.

In summary, yes, USC does consider senior year grades in their admissions process, but they also take many other factors into account when reviewing applications. Make sure to maintain a strong academic performance and continue excelling in other areas of your application to increase your chances of admission.

6 months ago

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