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Info on Cornell Dorms

I'm looking into Cornell right now, and I'd like to know more about their dorms. What's the general quality of the dormitories, and are there any that are particularly popular among students? Thanks in advance!

6 months ago

Hello! Cornell has a variety of dormitory options available for students. Overall, the quality of dorms is quite good, but individual experiences may vary depending on the specific dorm you are assigned to.

As a freshman, you are most likely to live on North Campus, which is home to a number of residence halls. Some popular ones among first-year students include Court-Kay-Bauer, Mews Hall, and Donlon (the party dorm). Many of these dorms have been renovated in recent years and offer modern amenities, such as air conditioning and semi-private bathrooms. Additionally a bunch of new dorms were built in 2021/2022 honoring famous alumni like Toni Morrison and Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Sophomores generally live on West Campus, in program houses, or Greek houses. West Campus is known for its Gothic-style dormitories, with some of the most popular ones being the Alice Cook House, Carl Becker House, and Hans Bethe House. While these buildings have a more historic charm, they still offer comfortable living spaces and great resources for residents, including dining facilities, study spaces, and social areas.

Program houses offer themed living experiences based on specific interests, such as language, culture, or social issues. Some popular program houses include Just About Music (JAM), Risley Residential College for the Creative and Performing Arts, and the Latino Living Center (LLC). These houses provide a unique opportunity to connect with fellow students who share your passions and interests. Additionally, there are 12 sorority houses and over 25 fraternity houses on- and off-campus that students can live in.

Upperclassmen tend to live in apartments or houses in Collegetown right next to campus. There has been a lot of development in recent years, resulting in many options for to live off-campus.

Keep in mind that each individual has different preferences when it comes to living spaces. As you explore Cornell's dorm options, think about your own needs and which environment would best suit your college experience. Additionally, you might want to join Cornell-specific forums or social media groups where current students can share their personal experiences and insights on different dormitories.

6 months ago

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