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Connecting interests with Cornell Engineering

Hello, friends! So I'm really into engineering, and I'm considering applying to Cornell for their program. Can anyone give me advice on how I should connect my interests and experiences to their specific engineering program in my essays or interviews?

6 months ago

Hello! Cornell Engineering is a fantastic program to consider, and it's essential to showcase how your interests and experiences align with their offerings. Here are a few ideas on how to connect your interests effectively:

1. Research Cornell Engineering: Deep dive into the specific engineering concentrations, academic offerings, research projects, labs, and clubs within the college. Find aspects that resonate with your interests and experiences. Mention these in your essays and interviews to demonstrate informed interest.

2. Personal experiences: Reflect on your engineering-themed achievements, such as competitions, internships, or personal projects. Also, consider your role in clubs, organizations, or volunteering related to engineering. Discussing these experiences will show your dedication and passion for the field.

3. Show your 'spike': Colleges, including Cornell, appreciate students with a highly-developed specialty. If you excel in a specific area of engineering, don't shy away from highlighting your accomplishments and explaining how Cornell's program will help you develop your skills further.

4. Connect with the Cornell community: Explore alumni networks, current students, or professors who share your engineering interests or have experiences with projects that inspire you. If you're able to connect with them, mention what you’ve learned from these conversations and how that influenced your choice to apply to Cornell Engineering.

5. Cornell's mission and values: Familiarize yourself with Cornell's mission, values, and culture. Make connections between their ethos and your own beliefs and experiences. Emphasize how you'd contribute to their engineering community and grow as a student and professional in their program.

6. Future goals: Share your aspirations in the engineering field and how Cornell Engineering will help you achieve them. Think about the resources and opportunities available at Cornell that'll support your goals, whether it's through coursework, research exposure, or internships.

7. Location and campus: Don't forget to mention Cornell's location and unique campus environment. Show how the surroundings and college community will positively impact your overall experience as a Cornell Engineering student, both academically and personally.

By addressing these elements, your essays and interviews will effectively demonstrate your fit with Cornell Engineering and emphasize your genuine interest in their program. Good luck!

6 months ago

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