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Call to Action Persuasive Speech Topics

I have to write a persuasive speech for my English class and I need to come up with a call to action. Can you guys help me brainstorm some interesting and relevant topics that I can use in my speech? Preferably something related to high school or college life!

6 months ago

Sure, I can help you brainstorm a few relevant topics in the high school and college life realm. Here are some ideas to get you started:

1. Encouraging students to embrace mental health resources on campus.

Call to action: Promote awareness campaigns, encourage friends to attend events, or arrange support groups.

2. Addressing the importance of time management and study skills to succeed academically.

Call to action: Create workshops and peer mentoring programs, or promote online resources for improving time management and study habits.

3. Advocating for clubs and organizations to promote inclusivity and diversity.

Call to action: Encourage students to engage in conversation, support club events, or create new student organizations that promote inclusivity and participate in diversity training.

4. Promoting volunteer and community service opportunities for high school and college students.

Call to action: Encourage students to participate in local community service opportunities, connect their interests to potential volunteer work, or organize a group volunteering event.

5. Addressing the issue of college affordability and student debt.

Call to action: Support legislation to address rising college costs and student loan forgiveness programs, or promote access to information about scholarships and grants.

Remember, it is essential to pick a topic you are passionate about, as it will help engage your audience and make your speech more compelling. Good luck!

6 months ago

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