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SAT results waiting time

Just took my SAT and I'm pretty anxious to get my results. How long does it usually take to get SAT results back? What's the usual timeline for this? Thanks!

6 months ago

I understand the anxiety of waiting for your SAT results! Typically, SAT scores are released approximately 13 days after the test date. If you've taken the Essay portion, however, those scores may take a little bit longer, usually about three days after the multiple-choice scores are released.

Here's a general timeline for the SAT score release process:

1. Test date: You complete the SAT exam.

2. 6-10 days later: SAT multiple-choice scores are available online in your College Board account.

3. 13 days after the test: Most SAT Essay scores are released.

4. 13-18 days after the test: Schools begin receiving your SAT scores.

It's important to note that these are approximate time frames, and there could be slight variations depending on the specific test date or other situational factors. To stay informed, you can always check the College Board's website for any updates on the score release process. Best of luck, and I hope you achieve the scores you're aiming for!

6 months ago

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