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Recommended business awards for high school students?

I'm a junior trying to beef up my resume for college applications. Are there any prestigious national or international business awards you'd recommend me applying for?

6 months ago

There are several prestigious business awards and competitions that high school students can participate in to demonstrate their skills and passion for the field. Some of these awards and competitions include:

1. DECA Competitive Events: DECA is an international organization focused on preparing students for careers in marketing, finance, hospitality, and management. They offer a wide range of competitive events, both individually and as part of a team, at local, state, and international levels. Some examples include Business Operations Research, Entrepreneurship Team Decision Making, and Virtual Business Challenges.

2. Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) Awards: FBLA is another well-respected organization that hosts competitions and offers awards in a variety of business disciplines. They have a comprehensive competitive events program, covering topics such as Accounting, Business Communications, and Marketing. Participating in FBLA events can help you stand out and showcase your business skills.

3. The Diamond Challenge: This is an internationally recognized entrepreneurship competition for high school students, in which teams develop and pitch their original business ideas. The top teams receive cash prizes and have the opportunity to network with successful entrepreneurs and business professionals.

4. The Conrad Challenge: The Conrad Challenge is an innovation and entrepreneurship competition for students worldwide. Teams of 2-5 students develop a product or service that addresses a real-world problem in one of the following categories: Aerospace & Aviation, Health & Nutrition, Energy & Environment, Cyber Technology & Security, or Smoke-Free World. Finalists present their projects at the Innovation Summit, where they compete for awards, scholarships, and potential investment opportunities.

5. Junior Achievement (JA) Company Program: JA Company Program offers students the opportunity to create and run their own start-up, while being mentored by experienced business professionals. At the end of the program, there are regional, national, and international competitions where student companies compete for awards like Best Overall Company and Most Innovative Product.

6. NFTE National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge: The Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) hosts the National Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge, where students pitch their original business ideas for cash prizes and other resources to help support their ventures. Regional competitions are held throughout the year, leading up to the national competition.

These awards and competitions are excellent ways for you to demonstrate your business knowledge, skills, and passion while also having the opportunity to network with like-minded students and professionals. Keep in mind that success in these endeavors requires commitment, creativity, and effort, so choose ones that best align with your interests and strengths. Good luck!

6 months ago

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