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Do GPAs change each semester?

Hey guys! I was wondering - does your GPA change every semester, or is it cumulative throughout high school? Just trying to understand how the GPA system works. Thanks for your help!

6 months ago

Hello! Your GPA does change each semester, as it takes into account the new grades you've earned in your courses. However, even though it changes, it remains cumulative in the sense that it includes all your grades from previous semesters as well. So, it's like a running average that gets updated with new information each time.

For example, let's say you have a GPA of 3.5 after your first semester of high school. During your second semester, you earn some higher grades, which increases your overall average, resulting in an improved GPA. Your new GPA at the end of your second semester might be a 3.7. This updated calculation includes all your first and second semester grades. This process continues each semester until you graduate, so your final GPA will represent your overall academic performance throughout high school.

Keep in mind that different schools might have variations in their grading scales and the way they calculate weighted and unweighted GPAs, so it's essential to familiarize yourself with your specific school's system.

In general, though, your GPA will change and be recalculated each semester to reflect your most recent academic performance with a cumulative calculation that includes all your grades from the start of high school up to that point.

6 months ago

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