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Good career paths for history majors?

As a history enthusiast, I'm curious about the potential job opportunities for history majors. What are some great careers for someone with a degree in history? Are there any unusual or non-academic jobs you guys know of that may be a good fit?

6 months ago

There are several career paths for history majors that extend beyond just pursuing academic roles. Here is a list of possible career options for someone with a degree in history:

1. Public History: Public historians work in various capacities such as museum curators, archivists, historic preservation officers, or historical consultants. They play a crucial role in preserving and presenting historical artifacts and historical sites for public understanding and enjoyment.

2. Education: Besides teaching at the university level, history majors can also opt to teach in primary or secondary schools after completing a teaching certification program. Additionally, they can work in educational administration roles, helping to develop curricula or formulate educational policy.

3. Writing and Editing: History majors have strong research and writing skills that can be put to use in various writing and editing roles, such as an author, copyeditor, or content creator for publications, websites, and historical publications.

4. Government and Politics: A history degree can lead to a career in government services and politics. Positions can range from legislative aides and policy analysts to diplomats and public officials who understand historical context and the implications of policies and legislation.

5. Non-profits and NGOs: History majors can leverage their research and analytical skills to work in non-profit and non-governmental organizations. Potential roles include grant writers, program coordinators, research analysts, or community advocates.

6. Documentary and Film Production: Those with a passion for storytelling can contribute their historical knowledge and research skills to the production process in roles such as historical consultants, scriptwriters, or directors for documentaries, historical dramas, or other film and TV projects.

7. Journalism: There's overlap between history majors and journalists in terms of the skills they possess, including critical thinking, research, and writing. History majors can contribute unique insights and background analysis in news reporting by providing historical context for current events.

8. Law: Due to their strong analytical and research skills, many history graduates find success in law school, going on to become lawyers, legal assistants, or paralegals. A good understanding of legal history also helps in grasping complex legal matters and in arguing cases.

9. Business: Business-related roles, such as market research analysts, management consultants, or product and brand managers, can be suitable for history majors who have an analytical mind and a strong understanding of historical data and trends.

These are just some of the exciting career paths available for history majors, and by tailoring your degree program with electives, internships, or projects focused on your interests, you can better position yourself to enter the job market confident and prepared.

6 months ago

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