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Ending a 'Why Us' Essay

I'm currently working on a 'Why Us' essay for one of the colleges I'm applying to, but I'm having trouble with the conclusion. Can someone give me some advice on how to end it strong and make a lasting impression?

6 months ago

When it comes to wrapping up a "Why Us" essay, you'll want to leave a lasting impression by connecting your goals, experiences, and aspirations to what that particular college has to offer. Here are a few steps to take when crafting a memorable conclusion:

1. Reiterate your unique fit with the college: Reinforce the points you've made throughout your essay about why the college's programs, culture, and community align with your personal and academic interests.

2. Connect your future goals to the college: Demonstrate how the college will help you achieve your academic, professional, and personal goals. Recap the specific programs, resources, or extracurricular activities that will allow you to thrive and contribute to the campus community.

3. Show enthusiasm: Convey your excitement about attending the college by using enthusiastic language and expressing your eagerness to take advantage of the opportunities it offers to foster growth in your chosen area of study.

4. Make it personal: Give your essay a unique and personal touch by sharing a specific anecdote or a brief reflection on what attending this college will mean to you. This will help tie your essay together and make it memorable to the admissions committee.

Since "Why School?" supplements are often quite short, you probably won't be able to do all of these things at once, but hopefully these different strategies give you some solid ideas for what might be the most effective way of wrapping up your particular essay.

If you want more personalized guidance on whether your conclusion is working, consider checking out CollegeVine's Free Peer Essay Review Tool, or submitting your essay for a paid review by an expert college admissions advisor on CollegeVine's marketplace. In your submission, you can even request feedback on the conclusion specifically.

Good luck with your application!

6 months ago

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