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Writing a Common App essay about food?

I'm passionate about food and cooking, and I'm considering writing my Common App essay about it. What do you think? Would it be seen as a unique or overused topic, and how can I make it stand out to admissions officers if I decide to write about it?

6 months ago

I think writing about your passion for food and cooking can be a great idea for your Common App essay. It's not an overused topic, and it can certainly be unique if you approach it in a creative and authentic way that highlights your personality, values, and interests.

To make your essay stand out, focus on a specific aspect of your passion for food. Here are a few suggestions:

1. A memorable or transformative culinary experience: Write about a particular dish, meal, or cooking experience that had a significant impact on you. This could be the first time you tried a certain cuisine, a family recipe that has been passed down for generations, or a dish that reminds you of your cultural heritage.

2. The connection between food and community: Share how your interest in food has helped you connect with others, perhaps through hosting dinner parties, volunteering at a soup kitchen, or participating in a cultural cooking club. Emphasize how your experiences have allowed you to grow and connect with diverse individuals.

3. Exploration and learning: Describe how your passion for food has led you to learn about different ingredients, techniques, and cultures, opening up new experiences and expanding your knowledge and understanding of the culinary arts.

4. Personal growth and development: Explain how your passion for cooking has shaped you as a person, helping you develop important life skills like discipline, patience, creativity, and adaptability.

5. Connecting food to your future: Illustrate how food and cooking have influenced your post-secondary plans (academic or career), and explain how they'll play a role in your future ambitions.

Whatever angle you choose, be sure to use vivid and engaging language that paints a clear picture of your experiences, emotions, and insights. Don't just tell admissions officers about your passion for food - show them through descriptive storytelling and reflection. By doing so, your essay will be unique and memorable, giving you a good chance to stand out to admissions officers. Good luck, and happy writing!

6 months ago

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