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Sibling in College—Any Benefits?

Quick question, y'all. My older sibling is currently in college and I'm going to apply this year. Does having a sibling in college help in any way? Do colleges take this into consideration?

6 months ago

Yes, having a sibling in college can be advantageous in certain situations. Firstly, when it comes to financial aid, colleges often consider the fact that your family may be supporting multiple children in college at once, which could lead to a higher financial aid package if your family demonstrates financial need.

From an admissions perspective, having a sibling in college might be helpful if you're applying to the same institution, especially if your sibling has made a positive impact on campus, as it is seen as a "legacy" connection. Legacy admissions are not guaranteed, but they can offer a slight advantage, as colleges like to admit students who have a family connection to the school and are more likely to enroll if offered admission.

Keep in mind, however, that having a sibling in college is only a minor factor in the admissions process. Your personal academic achievements, extracurricular involvement, and overall application will still be the primary drivers of your admission decision. It's essential to focus on creating a strong application that showcases your talents, character, and potential to make the most significant impact on your chances of admission.

6 months ago

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