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Does UPenn send likely letters?

Hi everyone! I've heard about some people receiving likely letters from certain colleges. Does UPenn send these to applicants and if so, when do they usually get sent out?

6 months ago

Yes, UPenn does send likely letters to a select group of applicants. These letters generally indicate that the University is very likely to offer admission to the recipient, providing an early indication of their chances before official decisions are released.

That said, it's essential to note that only a small percentage of applicants receive likely letters, so not getting one doesn't necessarily mean that your chances of admission are low.

Regarding the timeline, likely letters are usually sent out around late January to early March for Regular Decision applicants. For Early Decision applicants, likely letters are less common, as the admissions decisions are released earlier (usually in mid-December).

Keep in mind that getting a likely letter can be a significant confidence boost, but it isn't the only way to secure admission to UPenn. Focus on the other aspects of your application and continue working on conveying your achievements, extracurriculars, and unique qualities. Good luck!

6 months ago

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