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How long can an essay be for college applications?

I'm getting started on my college application essays, and I'm a little confused about how long they should be. Is there a general word limit or recommended length for common app/college specific essays? Any advice is appreciated!

6 months ago

For the Common Application essay, there is a hard word limit of 650 words. You'll choose from one of seven prompts and try to stay as close to that limit as possible, without going over. Most colleges that use the Common App have adopted this word limit. Although it's not mandatory to submit an essay with the maximum word count, it can be helpful to take full advantage of the available space if you feel it helps you convey your ideas effectively.

For supplement essays and other college-specific essays, recommended lengths and word limits can vary. Generally, these essays range from 100 to 650 words, but it's essential to carefully read the instructions and guidelines for each individual college to ensure you adhere to their specific requirements.

When writing your essays, aim to be concise and impactful. Focus on presenting your unique perspective, experiences, or voice. Remember, quality is more important than quantity, so make sure each word contributes to the overall message you want to convey. Don't forget to proofread and revise your essays to ensure clarity and polish.

Good luck with your college application essays!

6 months ago

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