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What are some good vocab words to use in an essay?

Hey guys, I'm a junior trying to improve my essay-writing skills. Can you suggest some good vocabulary words to use in essays that can help elevate my writing? Thanks!

6 months ago

Hi there! It's fantastic that you're working on refining your essay-writing skills. Incorporating a strong vocabulary can certainly help elevate your writing, but remember to use words naturally and in the appropriate context - you should only use a word if it's genuinely the best one to express your idea, as otherwise your writing may feel forced or clunky.

Additionally, there are lots of good words out there that might fit especially well with particular topics - there's no universal rule about which words will most enhance your point. But as a starting point, here are some vocabulary words that can enhance your essays:

1. Compelling — striking or interesting

2. Ephemeral — short-lived or temporary

3. Nuanced — subtle differences in meaning or opinion

4. Quandary — a state of uncertainty or indecision

5. Salient — noticeable or important

6. Ubiquitous — found everywhere or widespread

7. Pervasive — spreading throughout or permeating

8. Disparate — fundamentally different or distinct

9. Sagacious — wise or showing good judgment

10. Resilience — the ability to recover quickly from obstacles

Again, while using strong vocabulary can enhance your writing, it's essential to strike a balance. Overuse can make your essay sound pretentious or overly complex. Always prioritize clarity and simplicity in your writing, and when in doubt, choose the word that best communicates your point.

One good tip that can help you with that is to read widely and observe how authors use words in context. This can help you acquire new vocabulary naturally and learn how to incorporate them seamlessly into your writing, rather than trying to force in a word where it doesn't quite work.

Good luck with your essay writing journey!

6 months ago

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