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How to find good Div 3 football schools?

I'm looking into applying to colleges and I want to consider some Div 3 football schools. How can I find a comprehensive list of schools? Can anyone share their experiences at a Div 3 football school?

6 months ago

Finding a comprehensive list of Division III football schools can be done in a few ways. One helpful resource is the NCAA website (ncaa.org), where you can navigate to the Division III section and find information on member schools that have football programs. Another option is to search on college search websites such as CollegeVine, which can help you filter colleges by athletic division and sport.

When narrowing down your list of potential Div 3 football schools, it's essential to consider the academic and social aspects of the schools in addition to their athletic programs. Focusing on overall fit will ensure that your college experience will be enjoyable and fulfilling, even if your interests change over time.

While I can't speak from direct personal experience, it's common for students at Div 3 football schools to have a better balance between academics and athletics, as the focus tends to be more on the student-athlete experience. Div 3 schools generally do not offer athletic scholarships, so most student-athletes are participating in the sport because they genuinely enjoy it. The competition level is still high, but there might be more flexibility with practice schedules, allowing athletes to be engaged in other campus activities and pursue internships or research.

It's helpful to reach out to current or former student-athletes at your schools of interest to get an insider's view of what it's like to participate in the football program. You can find contact information for the athletic department on the college's website and ask to be connected with someone who can share their experience. Additionally, consider attending a game at a potential school to get a feel for the atmosphere and support from the greater campus community.

Lastly, don't hesitate to reach out to coaches at these programs once you have narrowed down your options. While athletic scholarships might not be available, they could offer unofficial visits or introductions to current players. The coaches will also provide valuable insights into the team's performance, culture, and values. Best of luck with your college search and football journey!

6 months ago

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