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UMich Supplement: How to Impress?

Working on my UMich supplement and feeling a bit stressed about it. What are some tips you guys have for creating a strong response that not only demonstrates my interest in the school, but also sets me apart from others?

6 months ago

A strong UMich supplement needs to not only convey your genuine interest in the school, but also highlight what makes you unique. Here are some tips to help you craft a strong response:

1. Do your research: Before diving into writing, thoroughly research the specific programs, resources, and opportunities at UMich that align with your interests and goals. Showcasing your knowledge of these—in addition to what attracts you to UMich—will demonstrate that you have taken the time to truly understand the school and its offerings.

2. Be specific: Avoid generic statements about the university that could be applied to many colleges. Instead, focus on the specialized aspects of UMich that resonate with you. Mention certain professors whose research aligns with your interests, specific courses that you want to take, or unique extracurricular opportunities that you would like to participate in.

3. Showcase your personality and values: In your writing, allow your unique voice to shine through, and don't be afraid to reveal aspects of your personality, values, or experiences that make you stand out. Share anecdotes or personal stories that demonstrate not only your suitability for UMich but also your unique perspective.

4. Connect your goals to UMich: Clearly articulate how the resources and opportunities at UMich will help you achieve your personal, academic, or professional goals. By demonstrating that UMich is the perfect environment for your growth, you'll prove to the admissions committee that you're a great fit for the school.

5. Edit and revise: Take the time to thoroughly revise your response. Ask for feedback from teachers, counselors, or anyone you trust to provide constructive criticism. Pay attention to the clarity of your writing and eliminate any redundancies, grammatical errors, or awkward phrasings.

An example of a strong response could be a student interested in environmental science expressing their desire to work with a specific UMich professor who leads research in sustainable agriculture—explaining how this research aligns with their long-term goal of creating more sustainable food systems. They can mention their enthusiasm for UMich's campus sustainability initiatives and their eagerness to contribute through joining an environmental-focused student organization.

By carefully addressing these key elements, you'll be able to craft a compelling UMich supplement that effectively demonstrates your interest in the school and sets you apart from other applicants.

6 months ago

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