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Skipping Algebra 2 in high school?

Hey guys, I'm currently in geometry and I was wondering if it's possible to skip Algebra 2 and go straight to another math course. Does anyone have experience with this or know someone who has?

6 months ago

Skipping Algebra 2 is generally not recommended because the concepts you learn in Algebra 2 serve as the foundation for many other math courses, like pre-calculus and calculus, as well as some science courses. It's important to have a strong understanding of algebra and its principles before moving on to more advanced mathematical concepts.

However, if you truly feel confident in your algebra skills and believe you can handle the material in a more advanced course, you should discuss this with your math teacher or school counselor. They can help you assess whether skipping Algebra 2 is the right choice for you and possibly administer a placement test or recommend additional resources to ensure you have mastered the necessary material.

If you do decide to go this route, keep in mind that some colleges may still require Algebra 2 for admission or specific majors, so make sure to research the requirements for the schools and programs you are interested in applying to.

6 months ago

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