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Which colleges sponsor National Merit Scholarships?

Hey! I'm a junior, and I think I have a decent shot at becoming a National Merit Semifinalist. I'm curious about which colleges sponsor National Merit Scholarships or provide big perks for finalists. Can anyone share some info on that? Thanks a lot!

6 months ago

Hi! It's great that you're considering the National Merit Scholarship and planning for your opportunities as a finalist. Many colleges do offer scholarships and perks to National Merit Semifinalists and Finalists. Here are a few examples organized into categories:

Full-ride or near full-ride:

1. University of Alabama

2. University of Arizona

3. University of Central Florida

4. University of Mississippi

5. University of North Texas

6. University of Oklahoma

7. University of South Florida

Partial scholarships:

1. Baylor University

2. Texas A&M University

3. University of Cincinnati

4. University of South Carolina

5. University of Utah

6. Washington State University

Other perks and benefits:

1. Boston University: Presidential Scholarship ($25,000 per year)

2. Clemson University: Various levels of scholarships available

3. Fordham University: Semifinalists or Finalists who are admitted receive a 50% tuition discount

4. Northeastern University: Offers scholarships ranging from $15,000-$30,000

Please note that this list is not exhaustive, and each university may have specific requirements or criteria for their scholarship programs. Some may only be for in-state students, while others extend to out-of-state students as well. I'd recommend visiting the colleges' websites or contacting their financial aid offices to get the most up-to-date information on their National Merit Scholarship programs.

Additionally, the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC) itself offers various scholarships that are not directly tied to specific universities. Regardless of which colleges you're interested in, becoming a National Merit Semifinalist or Finalist will certainly open up opportunities for financial aid and recognition.

Best of luck with your National Merit journey!

6 months ago

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