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Columbia List Questions: What to Include?

Hi guys! So I'm working on the Columbia list questions and I'm not entirely sure what they're looking for. Should I be creative with my answers or just list my actual favorite books, movies, etc.? Thanks for any guidance on this!

6 months ago

Hello! You're on the right track by thinking carefully about these list questions for Columbia. While many applicants can feel uncertain about what to include, remember that the purpose of these questions is to help the admissions committee get to know you better. They want a glimpse into your personality, interests, and values.

For an in-depth guide on tackling the list prompts, and all of Columbia's prompts, check out this CollegeVine article: https://blog.collegevine.com/how-to-write-the-columbia-university-essays

Here are some general tips to get you started:

For the most part, you should be honest and list your actual favorite books, movies, and other things, as this reveals what you genuinely enjoy and are passionate about. However, it's important to strike a balance. You don't want your list to be too niche, as this could make it difficult for the admissions team to understand or appreciate your selections. So, mix in a few well-known works along with your more unique selections.

Creativity can definitely be a plus when answering these list questions. If you have a distinctive hobby or interest that you think would stand out, don't hesitate to include items related to it on your list. Additionally, you can use the list questions to show off your intellectual curiosity or cultural awareness.

It's also a good idea to consider a mix of different genres, time periods, and styles for books and movies. This can demonstrate your wide-ranging interests and versatility. As for the question related to your favorite words, be sure to pick meaningful words that resonate with you personally.

In summary, be honest and consider a combination of well-known and more unique selections. Also, mix in different genres and time periods, and don't forget to showcase your creativity and intellectual curiosity. The key is to use these list questions as an opportunity for the admissions committee to learn more about you as an individual.

Best of luck on your Columbia application!

6 months ago

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