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Which college degrees are the easiest to get?

I know 'easiest' is subjective, but I'm curious about what you guys think are some of the easiest college degrees to pursue. I want to maximize my chances for success while also having a decent social and academic balance in college. Any suggestions?

6 months ago

When considering what you might find to be the "easiest" college degree, it's essential to take into account your interests, strengths, and personal goals. Choosing a major should be based on your passion and aptitude rather than solely on what might seem easier in terms of workload and requirements. However, keeping in mind the desire for a balanced college experience, here are a few degrees that some people might consider comparatively less demanding:

1. Communications: This degree can cover topics such as public relations, journalism, and mass media. Pursuing a communications major might be easier for people who have strong interpersonal skills and enjoy writing, speaking, and storytelling.

2. English: If you love reading and writing, this might be an appealing choice. It can involve analyzing various forms of literature, learning about different writing styles, and developing critical thinking skills.

3. Sociology: This degree focuses on the study of human behavior, society, and social groups. It can be favorable for those who enjoy understanding social dynamics and are interested in exploring issues like inequality, race, and gender.

4. Business Administration: This major covers topics like management, accounting, and finance. If you have a knack for organization, decision-making, and numbers, a business administration degree might come more naturally to you.

5. Psychology: For those who are curious about the human mind and behavior, psychology might be an engaging option. This degree is often considered to be less demanding in terms of technical skills and focuses more on diverse subject areas within human psychology.

Remember that every individual has unique strengths and passions, so what may seem easy for one person might be challenging for another. Take the time to research different degrees, sit in on classes, and consult with advisors to make an informed decision about your academic path.

6 months ago

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