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What should I include in my Common App's current courses section?

Hey everyone, I'm a little unsure about what exactly I need to include in the current courses section on the Common App. Do I need to put every single class I'm taking or just the important ones like APs and honor classes? Thanks in advance!

6 months ago

Hello! In the "Current or Most Recent Year Courses" section of the Common App, you'll want to list all the classes you are taking during your senior year, regardless of whether they're AP, honors, or regular courses. This section helps give colleges an understanding of your course rigor and continued academic engagement throughout your final year of high school.

Be sure to include course names exactly as they appear on your transcript or school documents. Additionally, if your school uses specific abbreviations or codes for courses, you may want to spell them out for clarity. For example, instead of entering "H.Eng," you might write "Honors English."

It's essential to be comprehensive and accurate when filling out this section, as it demonstrates your commitment to maintaining a challenging and balanced course load, a factor that colleges often consider in their decision-making process. Remember that all aspects of your application play a significant role in the admissions process, so give your current courses the attention they deserve.

Good luck with your application!

6 months ago

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