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Finding online community service opportunities?

Hi there, I'm trying to find some online community service opportunities for high school students. Does anyone have suggestions of legitimate programs or websites to start looking? Thanks!

6 months ago

Hello! It's fantastic that you're interested in online community service opportunities. There are numerous avenues where you can find legitimate programs to get involved in, and I'll provide you with a few options to get started:

1. United Nations Volunteers (UNV) - The United Nations Volunteers program has an online volunteering section allowing you to participate in various projects, such as translating documents, creating social media content, or web design.

2. Tutoring or Mentoring - Several organizations seek volunteers to help students with homework, language skills, or mentoring. Some examples include Learn to Be, School on Wheels, and UPchieve.

3. Crisis Text Line - If you're interested in providing emotional support to those in need, consider becoming a volunteer for the Crisis Text Line. You'll receive training to help people in crisis through text messages.

4. Zooniverse - For those interested in contributing to scientific knowledge, Zooniverse offers various citizen science projects where you can participate in research initiatives, such as identifying animals in the wild, transcribing old manuscripts, or analyzing medical images.

5. Project Gutenberg or Distributed Proofreaders - If you're passionate about literature, organizations like Project Gutenberg and Distributed Proofreaders need volunteers to help proofread, digitize, and catalog public domain books.

6. Be My Eyes - This app connects blind and low-vision individuals with sighted volunteers to assist with everyday tasks, like reading labels or navigating complex settings.

7. Local nonprofits and organizations - Reach out to your local nonprofit organizations and inquire if they have any remote volunteering opportunities. These opportunities can include virtual events, creating content, or administrative tasks.

Remember to keep track of your volunteer hours, and make sure to communicate with organizations to obtain any necessary documentation for your school or future college applications. Good luck, and happy volunteering!

6 months ago

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