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Interesting debate topics for high school?

Hey guys, my school's debate team is searching for interesting debate topics to use in our upcoming competitions. If you've got any interesting or controversial topics that you think high school students would enjoy debating, please let me know!

6 months ago

Hey there! I've got a list of diverse debate topics that you can consider for your high school debate team:

1. Should college education be made free for all?

2. Is the education system too reliant on standardized testing?

3. Should the legal voting age be lowered to 16?

4. Should social media platforms be responsible for the content posted by their users?

5. Are schools doing enough to combat bullying and promote mental health?

6. Should the use of animals for scientific research be prohibited?

7. Is climate change the most significant issue facing our generation?

8. Should the government regulate the sale and consumption of unhealthy foods like junk food and sugary drinks?

9. Do professional athletes have a responsibility to be role models?

10. Should renewable energy sources become the standard and replace fossil fuels?

11. Should schools allow students to use cell phones during class?

12. Is the current grading system in high school effective?

13. Does affirmative action have a place in the college admissions process?

14. Is the gig economy beneficial or harmful to workers?

15. Should the government invest more in space exploration?

16. Should the death penalty be abolished?

17. Is privacy more important than national security when it comes to surveillance and data collection?

18. Are the current gun control laws in the United States sufficient or in need of reform?

19. Should violent video games be banned or restricted for young players?

20. Are student athletes given preferential treatment in school?

Remember to choose topics that cater to different interests and spark stimulating discussions, making your debates engaging and enjoyable. Good luck with your upcoming competitions!

6 months ago

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